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Welcome to the TRYC player registration page for the 2020 season.



**** DO NOT USE THIS REGISTRATION IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON A TEAM.****  This is for players looking for teams only.  If you are already on a team, your coach will be sending you the registration link for you to access your division's registration system. 

*NEW PLAYERS:  For those between the ages of 7 and 18(as of 12/31/2019) who do not have a team,register using the New Players Needing a Team Registration.  T-ball players (ages 4 - 6) may register using the T-Ball Registration below.  Please review the registration process below and enter your information under the NEW player registration form.  If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate division manager below. 

*NEW TEAMS TO LEAGUE: coaches please contact the division manager for the age of your players see list below.
Amber Brunswig                                                  Rich McIntyre
Division MGR – Shetland 6 & under                    Division MGR-Pony 12 & under

Donnie Collins                                                 Brenda Schawe
Division MGR – Yearling 8 & under                    Division MGR- Filly/Mustang 14U &16U

Chuck Fairleigh                                                  Sean Lazzelle
Division MGR-Colt  10 & under                           Division MGR-16U-18U
C: 316-681-2818                                                  

Registration Process: 
1.  Click the "Register" button.
2.   If you are a player under the age of 18, either a parent or guardian must complete your registration.  
3    After you read the instructions in each division registration area, click "Continue", you will be prompted for an email address and
*If you have not signed up for a FREE TRYC member account you must register as a a NEW member by entering an email address. The system will send you a temporary password.
*If you are an EXISTING TRYC member, then enter the email address and password that you previously created. If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address and indicate you have forgotten your password.  The system will send it to you.
4. The registration process begins with gathering the GUARDIAN (YOUR) information. This form includes NAME, ADDRESS, HOME (REQUIRED)/WORK/CELL TELEPHONE NUMBERS and EMAIL ADDRESS. At the bottom of the form, the member will also have the option to add a second guardian.
5.  The next information request is the PLAYERS information.
*If this is an EXISTING member, all of the information will already be filled in; however, it can be edited if any information has changed.
*If the participant is a NEW member then the form will be pre-filled with the same information as the Guardian, with the exception of the first name and middle initial. Any of the pre-filled information can be changed if necessary. The PLAYERS DATE OF BIRTH, GENDER and GRADE (if required by the registration) - will also need to be entered.
7. Once the PLAYER Information has been submitted, you will then be asked to fill out any additional information required by the TRYC.
 After the form has been completed, the system will return a Review page. This page will confirm that the form has been filled out correctly.
8.  You will receive a confirmation once the registration is complete.