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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is TRYC located?

We are located at 1700 N. Ridge Road in Wichita, Ks (near the corner of 13th and Ridge Rd.)  

Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 1514

Wichita, Ks 67201 


How do I register a team for TRYC?
If you are a coach wanting to bring a team to TRYC or would like to volunteer to coach a newly created team, contact the appropriate age division manager.  Division manager contact information can be found in the board listing under the About Us section of the website.  The division manager will collect your contact information so we can keep you informed of important registration dates.   

How do I know what division my daughter will play in?

Your daughters age for the current playing season is her age as of December 31st of the pevious year (for example for the 2017 season, it would be her age as of 12/31/2016).  Our age groups at TRYC are:

T-ball (Shetland Division) - ages 4 - 6

8U (Yearling Division) - ages 7 - 8

10U (Colt Division) - ages 9 - 10

12U (Pony Division) - ages 11 - 12

14U and 16 - 18U (High School Division) - ages 13 - 18

15 and over (Thoroughbred Division) - ages 15 and above 

What are the fees?

Please see the Fees information under the Teams tab on the home page.

Can my daughter play up a division?

Yes, girls can play in an older division if based on the parent's and coach's evaluation.  Keep in mind, however, when signing your daughter up in the pool to find a team, coaches may not be willing to take players still young enough for the lower age division.

What if I have a team that is returning to TRYC?
If you are a coach who's team played at TRYC in the prior year, we ask that you contact your team after the season and let them know whether you intend to return for the next season.  Your division manager will contact you after the season to determine whether you are planning to return to TRYC and whether you might need any players from the player pool.  Nothing additional is required until the team and player registration dates.

What if my daughter's coach isn't returning next season?
If you find out your daughter's coach isn't returning, you can contact your division manager.  If the coach is stepping down and there are enough girls that want to stay together and play, then the division manager will work with the team to identify a new coach and keep the team together.  If your daughter's team has disbanded or she has to play in a different division than her team from last year, you can register using the Register Now button on the website to enter her into the player pool. 

How do I find a team for my daughter?
You can register directly with the TRYC using the website Register Now button.  For most divisions, registration runs through April of the current playing year.  This will place your child in a player pool for your daughter's age division.  Players are assigned out of the pool in one of two ways:


  1. New or returning teams may indicate they need additional players from the player pool to fill their teams.
  2. If enough girls sign up through the pool and a coach is identified, then girls can be placed together to form a new team. 

Registering in the pool does not guarantee placement on a team.  This placement is dependent on the factors above.  Division Managers will do their best to find a team for girls wanting to play softball.  If you have any questions about this process or want to follow up on the status of a player who has registered, check the Board Listing under the About Us tab for the appropriate division manager contact information.

Do I need to pay registration fees if my daughter has not been assigned to a team yet?
No.  Registration fees are collected from each coach for their team.  You do not need to pay until you are placed on a team.

When are team fees paid?
For all divisions except t-ball, a team registration fee of $175 is paid at team registration which is typically scheduled in February or March of the current playing year. A brief coaches meeting is held at team registration.  Player registration fees are paid at player registration which is typically scheduled at the end of March or 1st of April of the current playing year. 

Why is there a separate team registration fee of $175?
The $175 team registration fee is to allow TRYC to hire the labor to prepare and improve the fields for the current playing season (this keeps teams from having to provide volunteer labor) and to verify teams committed to playing the current season for budgeting purposes.

When is the season?
The season starts after the High School state softball tournaments end of May/first of June and runs until middle or end of July depending on the age division's state tournament.

How do I sign my team up for tournaments?
All ASA tournaments across the country are listed on one website at  There are two types of tournaments:

  1. Invitational touranaments that are hosted by a specific organization, team, or community.  An example of this is the TRYC Fun in the Sun tournament.  To enter most invitational tournaments, you are required to be an ASA registered team.  If you play as a league team at TRYC, you are already an ASA registered team.  This ASA fee is already paid by the league.  The team is responsible for the tournament entry fee.
  2. Championship tournaments such as Regional, State, and National tournaments hosted for example by Kansas ASA.  These tournaments may require individual ASA player registration and individual ASA player insurance for entry.  These additional fees are not covered by the league and are the responsibility of the participating team.

If you have any questions related to tournaments, contact John Crippen at